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Wholesale Pricing Now Available

The Gimme Charge is now available online for wholesale orders.  User promocode QTY10, QTY30, or QTY100 to get discounts of 40%, 48%, and 56% discounts on wholesale orders.  The Gimme Charge is a unique gift for golf events, holidays, and charity events.

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Quivera Golf Club - Los Cabos

When you travel, make sure to take a Gimme Charge with you.  If you forget yours and you're in Cabo, Mexico,  you can pick one up at the Quivera Golf Club.  By the way, if you haven't heard of this golf course yet... you will.

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PGA Show

The PGA Show is a frantic event.  So, much to see over three days.  The convention center is 500+ yards long.  Enough to fit a full length par five or 5+ rugby fields:)  Yet, Jason Sobel, from The Golf Channel, still sought out Gimme Charge for an interview!  Here is the inerterview: Gimme Charge w/ Jason Sobel 

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