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INVEST IN HARDWARE In my post, I mentioned hardware a couple of times because keeping millennials connected remains paramount. They can’t create UGC with a dead phone battery, can they? I know nothing about Gimme Charge, nor do I have any affiliation with them whatsoever, but $50 to make all your electric carts phone charger friendly seems like a cheap price to pay. Another $20 to put in a smart phone holder/mount, and you can retrofit your cart fleet for less than $100 per cart. Just showing that you’re tech-friendly will go a LONG way in winning over the millennial mind. Virtual Reality (VR) isn’t just for elite athletes anymore. Now that it’s gone mainstream, VR training could provide a huge bump in...

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Wholesale Pricing Now Available

The Gimme Charge is now available online for wholesale orders.  User promocode QTY10, QTY30, or QTY100 to get discounts of 40%, 48%, and 56% discounts on wholesale orders.  The Gimme Charge is a unique gift for golf events, holidays, and charity events.

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Quivera Golf Club - Los Cabos

When you travel, make sure to take a Gimme Charge with you.  If you forget yours and you're in Cabo, Mexico,  you can pick one up at the Quivera Golf Club.  By the way, if you haven't heard of this golf course yet... you will.

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